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multiphenicsx is a python library that aims at providing tools in FEniCSx for an easy prototyping of multiphysics problems on conforming meshes. In particular, it facilitates the definition of subdomain/boundary restricted variables.

multiphenicsx is the successor to multiphenics, a library with similar goals that used to target FEniCS.

Authors and contributors

multiphenicsx is currently developed and maintained at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore by Dr. Francesco Ballarin in collaboration with Prof. Gianluigi Rozza’s group at SISSA mathLab. We acknowledge all contributors listed in the AUTHORS file.

Timeline and funding


Early development of multiphenics begins at SISSA mathLab.


Financial support of the AROMA-CFD H2020 ERC CoG project (PI: Prof. Gianluigi Rozza, host: SISSA mathLab) for the consolidation of multiphenics development.


Early development of multiphenicsx begins at SISSA mathLab.


The development of multiphenicsx moves to Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.


multiphenics is retired. Users are encouraged to move to multiphenicsx forthwith.

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Like all core FEniCS components, multiphenicsx is freely available under the GNU LGPL, version 3.